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Ministry to People With Disabilities
​Elder Angela Lundy --  Ministry to People with Disabilities Coordinator.  Assisting worshipers who have disabilities to benefit from all aspects of our church community by providing sign language interprters for the deaf and helps for those with ambulatory and other issues in a welcoming environment."  

Special Needs Ministries promotes the importance of specialized ministries to foster the spiritual wellbeing for persons with special needs.  

The ministry:
     * promotes the importance of specialized ministries to foster spiritual growth of persons with special needs;
     * educates and trains leaders regarding available resources appropriate for ministering with persons who have a special need;
     * fosters the inclusion of qualified persons with special needs as members of various committees and forums as well as their                    availability for volunteer service opportunities
       within other ministries;
     * ensures the development, adaptation, and communication of resources for nurture and evangelism for those individuals with special        needs; and
     * encourages the training and employment of individuals with special needs throughout the church structure.

Therefore, Special Needs Ministries blends the services of those with a disability with those who do not have a disability into a bond of ministry each returning to God the
talents and gifts He has bestowed.  As a community of believers who share the gospel with all, Christ is our example. Out of Jesus’ 35 recorded miracles, 27 touched people
with special needs. He healed the boy who was “unable to speak” (Mark 9:17, NRSV); a man who was paralyzed (Luke 5:18-26); and a deaf man (Mark 7:32-35). Jesus
gives clear evidence and support that the worldwide church is to be involved in Special Needs Ministries.

For the full article-leaflet click here site/1/docs/Special Needs Ministries Leaflet.pdf