Philadelphia Chestnut Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church

8700 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19118 -- Phone: 215-247-7022
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Leadership Staff
Our leadership team is made up of men and women of varied experiences and backgrounds with a solid commitment to service. They share a responsibility of spiritual leadership and service, with an emphasis on supporting and nurturing everyone God has placed in our community and those He guides through our church doors.

Dever Knowles
Head Elder

Jesse Spencer
Head Deacon
Michael Gayle
Youth Sabbath School Dir.
Lee Givhan

Willis Vertilus

Steve White

Diana John
Head Deaconess

Robyn Allen-McKinnon
Head Treasurer

Laura Hudson
Head Clerk

Connie Constantinos
Personal Ministry Dir.

Vivian Mann
Bulletin Secretary

Rosemarie Taylor
Sabbath School Secretary

Yvette Moncrieffe
Women's Ministry

June Davis
Music Ministry

Elizabeth Gayle
Education Ministry

Darcella Somerville
Disabilities Ministry Dir.

Wanda King
Health & Wellness Dir.

Pansy Knowles
Communications Dir.
AV Ministry Dir.
Susan Mayo
Singles Ministry Dir.
Hospitality Ministry Dir.
Visitation Ministry Dir.