Our Leadership

Our Moment of Response.


Dear Chestnut Hill family, please find in the following brief words, our leadership response to the recent verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, and our spiritual guidance in this national moment.


God the Father makes no mistakes. His Word is always true, and His will always wins. God has intentionally marked our last few years with clear indicators that time is short and His kingdom is at hand. Political turmoil. A global pandemic. Senseless shootings. Racial and cultural injustice. Wildfires, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions. Each of these have been imprinted on our minds and lives, and each has either threatened or resulted in death and loss. In the midst of our chaos, if we listen to the still small voice of God (as Elijah did during his moment of crisis – 1 Kings 19:11), we will understand the response God requires in our current national moment.


While we should celebrate long awaited justice, as Christians we should not be as the world in celebrating the downfall of anyone Jesus died to save. This requires spiritual balance from God’s people. Our response to the news of the day must always be Christ centered and salvation focused. Any other response would be conformity to the world (which we are warned against – Romans 12:2), and would place our thoughts and actions outside the will of God. Let our response (to everyone involved in this case) be love, compassion and grace – just as Jesus applied to you and me in our moments of adversity. (Former Pastor Lance Moncrieffe)


I am so very thankful to Almighty God that He rendered a verdict of guilty in the trial of George Floyd’s death. It is a great reminder that God is still in control. He is not yet ready to release the winds of strife upon His children. He is still giving us time to turn our lives completely over to Him. He loves each and every one of us so very much. This includes Officer Derek Chauvin. Let us pray for Officer Chauvin that he repents and turns his life over to our Lord and Savior. Let us also pray for the families of both George Floyd and Officer Chauvin. As children of the King this is what is required of us. Let us follow the plans that our Father has for us and lead others to do the same. (Elder Susan Mayo)


We read from the Bible that perilous times shall come! I must conclude that these times are with us now. We see that the hearts of men are desperately wicked, paying regards to no one. As Christians, children of the mighty God, we have a responsibility. It is imperative that we come together as one unit and approach the throne of God, as we lift everyone before him. Those who are involved in criminal activities, with prayer, may very well turn and accept the Lord. Let us not walk away from them; remember, we were given a responsibility to win souls, through the Holy Spirit. (Elder Alick Bazil)


As we are living in a world full of evil, let us as God’s Children reflect His love to all. Even those who we might consider to be undeserving. The very best credentials we can carry is love for one another. As His voice on Earth we must always give hope like Jesus. Let us continue to pray for everyone that they may come to know God whose Love is stronger than death. (Elder Dever Knowles)



Your fellow servants in His work,


Pastor Ezequiel Leyva
Elder Dever Knowles
Elder Susan Mayo
Elder Alick Bazil